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Dermazone Solutions has invested significantly in their modern “STATE-OF-THE-ART” manufacturing and filling facility. From the custom designed manufacturing vessels with sweep blade and turbine mixing to the reverse osmosis USP pharmaceutical quality process water and semi automatic filling line, our manufacturing and filling areas are fully equipped to produce a wide range of creams, liquids and lotions in a pharmaceutical quality establishment.

We have a range of vessel sizes enabling us to provide flexibility of batch sizes for most product types.

Dedicated enclosed areas for dispensing raw materials for manufacturing and utensil cleaning.

Our filling lines are also designed for flexibility of run sizes, from only 5000 pieces to whatever your requirement may be. We can fill tubes, bottles and jars from 0.25 oz  to 32 ozs and with our semi auto filling, capping, coding and shrink wrapping filling lines, we can provide a quick turnaround for your requirements.

Our filling lines are located in dedicated enclosed areas to prevent any cross contamination risks. Strictly monitored SOP’s insure that hygiene standards, including microbial environmental monitoring, are what would be expected of a pharmaceutical quality establishment.

Regular SOP training is provided to staff to insure a clear appreciation of the requirements.

Feel confident in the knowledge that your products are in the hands of a highly professional team dedicated to providing excellence and a no compromise attitude to quality and GMP.

We welcome client audits of our plant. Contact us today for further information on what we can do for you.

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